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Bliss Mattress

  • $54900

The Bliss is a full width 5 Zone Pocket Spring mattress producing an edge-to-edge sleep surface. The zoning & pocket springs reduce partner disturbance and give excellent spinal support.

The Bliss is a double sided mattress. This means it can be turned over, providing 2 sleep surfaces.

It also has the advanced torso bar edge support, to stop sagging when sitting on the edge of the mattress.

The Bliss is designed for those in search of great value & quality Australian craftsmanship.

Quilting Foam
All foams are NON-ALLERGENIC are treated with an anti-microbial for greater protection against bacteria

Comfort Zone
Two (2) sheets of 24/110

Pocket-spring consist of a grid of springs, each in their own fabric pocket. Because they’re not wired together, each spring is able to work independently—the weight on one spring does not affect those surrounding it.
Metal Side Supports

Spring Count
Single – 330
King Single – 450
Double – 560
Queen -660
King – 780


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