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Majestic Latex Gel Mattress

Majestic Latex Gel Mattress

  • $1,09900

Medium Mattress

Top of the line, premium mattress, for maximum comfort, and minimal partner disturbance.

The Majestic latex Gel is designed to provide maximum airflow with its blended memory foam Fusiongel pillow-top, for a cool night’s sleep.

This is one of our most luxurious mattresses.

Covered in a premium stretch knit fabric, the Majestic latex gel mattress has non-allergenic, Ultrafresh treated foam, Enduro Foam, blended memory foam FusionGel and Pocket Springs.

Pocket spring mattresses consist of a grid of springs, each in their own fabric pocket.
Because they are not wired together, each spring is able to work more or less indepenently.
The weight of one spring does not affect those surrounding it.

The mattress is made up of
One sheet of 24/110 foam
One sheet of 26/160 foam
One sheet of 25mm Latex
One sheet of 35/130 foam
One sheet of 35mm FusionGel

Medium Firm
No Turn technology
Fusion Gel Body heat ventilation
All natural materials
Foam box edge support
35cm Depth

Spring Count: Single 330 King Single 450 Double 600 Queen 688 and King 788

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