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Majestic Mattress

  • $999

The Majestic MkIII is an affordable yet luxurious mattress of medium firmness. It has a cloud-like pillow top of Latex and foam, above a 1450 coil density, 5 zone tempered, pocketspring mattress.

Boasting Italian designed contemporary stretch knit fabric, premium wool fibre blend, and 100% pure natural latex rubber in the quilting.

Pocket spring mattresses consist of a grid of springs, each in their own fabric pocket.
Because they are not wired together, each spring is able to work more or less independently.
The weight on one spring does not affect those surrounding it.

Super Soft
No Turn technology
All natural materials
High density foam box mattress edge support
34cm Depth

The Allure Ultra Plush has a ten year guarantee

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